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Right now, to planeta radio live communicating from Mexico. At a time, to Planeta 99.1broadcast various kinds of latest Hit’s etc. music.

Planeta radio is one of the most famous online radio stations in 365liveradio. At this time, It is streaming music and projects both on the web all in all.

As well as, It is a 24-hour 7-day free radio. Planeta 99.1 is a pleasant organization the entire day. At this time, to intriguing stories and wonderful music.

On the recurrence of Planeta 99.1 is a new Mexico online radio broadcast. That they broadcast as a test transmission.

On the other hand, They broadcast 24 different sorts of most recent Mexican music. Above all, Stay interface on Planeta 99.1 radio FM.

It’s the Source of your definitive Entertainment. Planeta 99.1 FM is the current organization of XHEPR.

The radio broadcast of the Radiorama bunch that sends. On this recurrence in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. At this time, Until 2019, this radio had the Radio Planeta design.

Planeta is a radio with a young profile. That they offers a completely melodic program. That they commit to the hits of popular music from. At this time, to the 60s to the 2000s, in Spanish and English.

It additionally has tallying programs. At a time, to spaces for melody demands by audience members. That they and amusement portions because of its energetic group of hosts.

Planeta Radio FM in addition info:

The transmission of Planeta radio can likewise be heard live. At all this, On the web, getting to its authority online page.

Planeta 99.1 MHz is a Mexican radio broadcast in Ciudad Juárez. It is guarantee by Grupo Radiorama, broadcasting.

At this time, to An English and Spanish exemplary hits design. That they and known as Planeta 99.1-FM. As of now, the transmitter is discovering.

At this present time, to the south of Ciudad. Radio concession was conce to Javier Moreno Valle.

At this time, to Currently, Mexican Cash Director. That they and coordinator of the Mexico City. In addition info TV station XHTVM-TV. Also, on September 30, 1994.

In 2000, Moreno Valley, Mexico City was involve in a dispute over the Above all Radio Integral. At a time, S.A. Offers stations in DCV.

Which continues to work successfully. This is to call the station Grupuro “La Comdre”. That year, in relationship with US organization Clear Channel Communications.

As well as, playing commendable stone in English. It later became an excellent hits-coordinate “Planeta 99.1.

At this, radio live broadcasting from Mexico. This radio broadcast various kind of Mexican music. It is streaming music and programs both in online.

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 Location: Mexico  Language: Spanish
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Planeta radio

Planeta radio