Lemon24.com channel will design program for the youth and adolescent especially to motivate them to create better generation particularly engaging them in education, awareness building, sourcing business & profession, online counseling, linking them with updating technology and identify their talents through participating in an interactive media. Lemon24.com has over 200 infotainment point across the country. It is creating different ICT based platform which has not only the scope to Net casting entertainment based content but also provide information for all citizens and non residents Bangladeshi as well who has internet facilities.

Lemon24.com is the interactive online and mobile based entertainment radio station in Bangladesh which is broadcasting its program primarily to all Bangla community around the world.

lemon24.com has been selected by the WSYA jury 2010 as one of the most outstanding examples of creative and innovative e-Content addressing the United Nations Millenium Development Goals – a WSYA Runner Up 2010 in the Category Create your culture!

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Radio Information:

Location: Bangladesh

Language: Bangla

Genres: Music, pop, rock

Web Site: http://Lemon24.com

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