CHIN Radio is the first multicultural/multilingual station to be secured in Ontario. It is the pioneer in multicultural radio TV and has driven the path for comparable show operations to be made in different groups.

CHIN Radio is “remarkable in Toronto,” as well as “novel in Ottawa/Gatineau”. Jaw Ottawa CJLL 97.9FM started its special multicultural/multilingual style of TV to the Ottawa/Gatineau district in October 2003, and is the first third dialect radio administration in our country’s capital.

CHIN Radio connects in more than 30 dialects to more than 30 social groups in the more prominent metropolitan Toronto and southern Ontario territories on CHIN AM1540/FM100.7, and more than 18 dialects and societies in the Ottawa/Gatineau district on 97.9FM CJLL. The commitment of CHIN to the reason for multiculturalism, comprehension and resilience between individuals of numerous national, racial and religious roots has been perceived and recognized all through Canada.

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Location:  Canada

Language: English

Genres: Multicultural

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CHIN Radio
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