CJSQ FM Works recognized as “classics” for centuries and centuries. The selected securities mainly coming periods: Baroque (Bach, Vivaldi), classical itself (Mozart, Haydn) and romantic (Chopin, Beethoven). Other times are also present, to the extent they convey equivalent climates and sounds.

CJSQ FM Nothing attacking, with annoying. As tunes that bring us peace, joy, serenity and peace. CJSQ FM pay great attention to the mix of periods and colors continuity in variety.

CJSQ FM have a track record favoring more frequent distribution of securities to the delight our listeners. CJSQ FM retain titles that will bring satisfaction to connoisseurs and novices to the desire to listen more!

Radio Information:

Location: Canada

Language: English

Genres: classics

Web Site: www.cjpx.ca

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