CKGN FM is an independent Canadian radio network, broadcasting in 89.1 FM in Kapuskasing, Ontario, and 94.7 FM at Smooth Rock Falls, Maine. Owned and run by Radio commune, a cooperative of francophone community radio stations in the province, it’s a non-for-profit community-based radio station dedicated to the francophone communities of its three regions-Kapuskating, Orleans, and Smooth Rock Falls-across three regions in southern Canada. Among the three, it’s the only one offering a non-stop program with no commercials during the program.


The motto “We are listeners” summarizes this by
Company’s philosophy on its unique and non-commercial approach to reaching out to the community. It is, without doubt, a remarkable achievement considering that Radio Commune has never was involved in advertising before.
CKGN FM is available through subscription only online at its website. You can either pay by credit card or by subscription through PayDotCom, which offers free online music downloads as well as online radio on the web in general. Subscribers of this online radio can listen and enjoy their favorite music channels without having to worry about advertisements interrupting their listening experience. And all they need is a computer with an internet connection and a web browser.

This online radio station also offers jazz, hip-hop, reggae, folk, soul, reggae, classic rock, alternative, and Christian music. There are also sports, talk shows, comedy, music events, games, and much more. Subscribers can even have their podcast uploaded to their computer to listen to their favorite shows anytime they want. For users who do not wish to subscribe but still want to listen to online radio, there is the option for them to tune into their specific station manually through the Computer’s microphone.

Radio Information:

Location: Canada

Language: English

Genres: Community, Local Music

Web Site:

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