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Sundar Popo HBM, born Sundarlal Popo Bahora 4 November 1943 – 2 May 2000) was a Trinidadian and Tobagonian musician.

He is credited as being the father of Chutney music, beginning with his 1969 hit Nana and Nani. In 1969, at a mattikoor in Princes Town, he met Moean Mohammed, a radio host and promoter.

After listening to Nani and Nana, a song with lyrics in both Trinidadian Hindustani and Trinidadian English, describing the daily lives of an Indian maternal grandmother (Nani) and maternal grandfather (Nana), Mohammed got maestro Harry Mahabir to record the song at Television House,

accompanied by the British West Indies Airways (BWIA) National Indian Orchestra. The song revolutionized Indian music in Trinidad and Tobago.

After the success of Nani and Nana, Popo devoted more of his time to his singing career. He followed Nani and Nana with an album combining local Trinidadian music with traditional Indian folk music.

In total, he recorded more than 15 albums. He is best known for his song Scorpion Gyul, which spoke about love, death, and happiness. His other hits include Oh My Lover, Caroni Gyal (also known as Ladies and Gentlemen),

Don’t Fall in Love, Parbatee, Surajie My Darlin’, Awoh My Darling, Pholourie Bina Chutney (also known as Kaise Bani), Your Mother’s Love, Ratiya May Dulaha, Hum Na Jaibe, Phoolbasiya, Chalbo Ke Nahin, Subhagie Gyul, Is You and You Alone Gyul, Naina Bandh, Hamaray Lal, Dulaha Ke Maiya, Bahuwa Cheleli,

Chal ka Chal, Kahaa Gayaa Gori Naina May Jadu Dar Kay, Baujie Rahan Chalan, Barasaatawa May Bangala, Sagar Paniya, Chaadar Beechawo Baalma, Ab Na Jaibe, Jo Bolay Saiya,

Indian Arrival, Giyara Jargail Hamar, Chahay Bolo, Aao Chalo Bhaiyo aur Beheno Mastana Bahar (also known as Trinidad and Tobago Land of Calypso), Saiyan Toray,

Aaj Mere Dost ke Aya Janamdin (also known as Happy Birthday), Aaye Re (also known as Diwali Bhajan), Rampersad, and Saas More Lage (also known as I Wish I Was A Virgin).

Babla and Kanchan had success with their version of his “Pholourie Bina Chutney”. In 1980, re-released his first six albums that Popo recorded. Popo appeared as a headliner in New York.

Popo won many awards during his career, and in 1995 Black Stalin won the Trinidad and Tobago Calypso Monarch title with his Tribute to Sundar Popo.

There are also other tributes to Popo done by Devannand Gatto, Terry Gajraj, Rikki Jai, Superblue, Dave Lall, Drupatee Ramgoonai, and Chris Garcia.

In addition to his solo albums, Popo has also released collaborations with Babla and Kanchan, Anand Yankarran (brother of Rakesh Yankarran), and JMC Triveni.

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