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Radio Stubica is playing Funk, Soul, entertainment, Folk, Pop, etc genres of music and talk shows Croatia Country. it is broadcasting 24 hours a day nonstop. It is streaming in This Country language. Humanists and philosophers promulgated new musical theories and aesthetic ideas The writing down of folk and popular music began in the mid-sixteenth century: in the poem Fishing and Fishermen’s Talk from 1558, Petar Hektorović ingrained Neoplatonic ideals in popular music; and transcripts of Croatian musical folklore were printed in Venetian anthologies (Giulio Cesare Barbetta 1569, Marco Facoli 1588). Julije Skjavetić from Šibenik published his madrigals (Li madrigal a Quattro, et a cinque  1562), while his Motetti a cinque et a sei, (1564) are characterized by a lavish polyphonic structure under the influence of the Dutch school. Music and dance were a part of the theatrical expression (Mavro Vetranović, Nikola Nalješković, Marin Držić, Marin Benetović), while the function of music and sound effects were under the influence of Italian pastorals.

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Location: Donja Stubica, Croatia

Language: English

Genres: Croatian, Pop, Folk, Donja Stubica

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