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Era FM Online is one of the most famous online radio station on Malaysia. Radio Era FM Malaysia is a well-known company that is working in the complete Malaysian. Era Radio is much well-known in all over the nation. It is a Malaysian Tamil radio position which is situated at city town Kuala Lump reveals.


Radio Era FM Online Malaysia is a well-known company that is working in the complete Malaysian Country. Era Fm is devoted to beautiful and enticing playlists has created a place of its own among the heart of all the radio lovers of Malaysia. Era Fm radio station was born first on 1st August 1998. For all those who love and admire beautiful music then they got no choice left but to be with Era Fm, as they are hard at work to find the good music, the music that will fill you with such a high level of musical pleasure that you will remember for a long run. Malaysia is a country with such a huge number of online radio listeners.  As the technology for broadcasting radio has been improved a lot so does the technology has been advanced at Era Fm to deliver pure modern radio services right at the user’s door. Their devotion for best music has been paid off by the sheer number of listeners they have got regularly which is a huge number of loyal listeners of about four million each day.

Era FM Malaysia possession has modified its strategy for its delivering and gave it a new perspective. Online Era has a lot of comical and enjoyable applications moreover morning hour display. In these applications, the DJ’s talk about and point out wrong components, causes of assault in individuals and try to get rid of out all the unwanted features from the society. The co-workers are too motivating personalities for the prosperity of the audiences.

Radio Contact Info:

Phone: 03-9543 8888


whatsapp: 016-5127777v


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