Rádio Regional de Arouca:

Rádio Regional de Arouca live broadcasting from Portugal. Radio Regional de Arouca listener means a lot, the station wants to present themselves as a station listeners should be happy of. They build a great unity between the listeners and themselves so that they may have a good communication between them and their listeners which will result in a more entertainment rich radio station. Radio Regional de Arouca has become a very popular radio station of Portugal in a very short matter of time with ther friendly approach towards their listeners.

Radio news is similar to television news but is transmitted through the medium of the radio. It is based on the audio aspect rather than the visual aspect. Sound bites are captured through various reporters (generally through audio capture devices such as tape recorders) and played back through the radio. News updates occur more often on radio than on television – usually about once or twice an hour.

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Radio contact info:

Radio Information:

Location: Portugal

Language: Portuguese

Genres: News, Culture

Web Site: www.radioregionaldearouca.com

Online radio Rádio Regional de Arouca, live online radio Rádio Regional de Arouca

Online radio Rádio Regional de Arouca, live online radio Rádio Regional de Arouca live
Rádio Regional de Arouca
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