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Radio Romania Actualitati live broadcasting from Romaia Radio Romania Actualitati listeners appreciate especially the accuracy, timeliness and objectivity of information, and the quality and variety of education and recreation running.
Under different names, Radio Romania News issues from 1928. The station operates according to law 41 of 1994, republished.Radio Romania Actualitati

The term could be translated literally as “Romanian Easy Music” and, in the most common sense, this music is synonym with “Muzică de estradă” (from French “estrade”, which means “podium”), defining a branch of Pop music developed in Romania after World War II, which appears generally in the form of easy danceable songs, made on arrangements, which are performed by orchestras. This music shows many similarities with Western Popular music, as most songs could be defined as a form of Schlager. It supported influences from other similar melodic styles, like Musica leggera italiana (from Italy) and Canción Melódica (from Spain). This Romanian style of music was popularized abroad through the international Golden Stag Festival, held in Brașov, since 1968. The most representative interprets are those from the 1980s, 1970s and rarely, 1960s: Aurelian Andreescu, Elena Cârstea, Corina Chiriac, Mirabela Dauer, Stela Enache, Luigi Ionescu, Horia Moculescu, Margareta Pâslaru, Angela Similea, Dan Spătaru, Aura Urziceanu.Muzică de mahala appeared in the early 1980s, in Banat area, as an counteraction to the omnipresent traditional Romanian folk music. The new style supported the influence of the Serbian pop music and was banned by the communist regime because it was associated with the low morality and culture.

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Language: Romanian

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