Listen to Radio Stari grad RSG

Radio Stari grad RSG Listen to the best online radio in 2021


Radio Stari grad RSG Listen to the best online radio in 2021

Radio Stari Grad – RSG 104.3 is a radio station broadcasting from Kragujevac. By all means, Serbia, providing Top 40 / pop and folk music.

At this time, Radio Stari Grad – RSG 104.3 is a radio broadcast. At this present time, from Kragujevac, Serbia, giving Top 40/popular and people music.

Radio Stari Grad was establishing on 23 January 1993. By all means, And it was imagined as a radio help for the Old Town area of Sarajevo (During the Siege of Sarajevo).

At this present time, Mindful methods of working together and reasonable relationships. At this time, With audience members have incredibly added to the very certain picture.

Which RSG appreciated in proficient media circles and the overall population. At this present time, Spurred and inventive workers, faithful crowd. An abundance of projects, assemble the framework, solid promoting.

Radio Stari grad RSG in addition info:

At This present time and with extraordinary economic well-being. By all means, benefits are the place where RSG Radio bases its goal-oriented plans.

RSG Radio is part of the casual media bunch. In the radio market of Bosnia and Herzegovina called RSG Group.

The station centers on contemporary popular music, famous game shows, and public news. At this present time, RSG likewise has a traffic service. Where audience members can discover more data. By calling sans the toll call focus (0800 510 10).

The most recent public news broadcast on the entire hour. While the Sarajevo city news is communicate each half-hour. Media service produces all the news for RSG and Antenna Sarajevo.

The program is additionally communicate. By all means of web and satellite (Eutelsat W2, 16 degrees E, recurrence 11262, image rate 30000, FEC 2/3).

Radio Stari Grad is a 365liveradio radio broadcast from Bosnia and Herbz. This Bosnian radio divert is extremely famous in this country for playing top 40 and pop melodies nonstop.

This radio broadcast plays different types of music 24 hours live on the web. The authority site of Radio Stari Grad is

At this present time, Radio Stari graduate – RSG with fourteen transmitters covers. A huge piece of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is the undisputed pioneer in the radio business. A perceive and regarded brand, and outside BiH.

Additionally, the program broadcast over the Internet ( and Eutelsat W2.


 Radio contact info:

ddress: Kralja Aleksandra I Karadjordjevica 102

Phone: +381 34 501666 Email:

Fax: 034 501-999

SMS number: 062 66 88 44 Mobile: 065 35-00-444


Listen to Radio Stari grad RSG