Yes 93.3 FM

Top pop music radio listeners in Singapore has been the proverbial YES 93.3FM preferred radio station. As of the first quarter of 2012, a local radio station to listen to survey results, YES 93.3FM once again become Singapore’s highest rates of radio listening.
YES93.3FM predecessor is “93.3 obsessed channel”, had invited the American radio set Shihai experts as consultants to discuss the operation and direction of the station. Initially known slogan obsessed channels, or “little song many words, not overlooked, 18-hour broadcasting, providing uninterrupted Chinese pop songs that period hard-edged singer abound, there cheng, Fei Yu Feng Fei Fei, oriole Ying et al. was 93.3 obsessed radio channels exquisite image of unity, the main audience to listen to songs relax. at 9:33 on January 1, 1990, 93.3 obsessed channels broadcast in exceptionally grand ceremony at the broadcasting station Radio Tower Auditorium held Sheng invited audience, LP circles at home and abroad to come to add to the fun entertainer that time moderator Ping Liang and Lin Jinmei also overseas to visit Taiwan singer Julie, when a total of eight channels of obsessed broadcasters, including Linzi Hui, HE Zi dry, Peng Yuanqing, etc.

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Location: Singapore

Language: English

Genres: Pop. Hits, Chinese Music , Adult Contemporary

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Y.E.S. 93.3 FM
Yes 93.3 FM
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