Ribat FM

Ribat FM is a popular hit radio channel based in Turkey. They are mainly known for their beautiful Islamic programs too. Ribat FM plays various types of music genres like Islam, pop, talk. and very concious about listeners demand and choice. Getting audiance good feedback this radio channel is developing playlists continuously. This radio station uses Turkish language officially.

Ribat FM started broadcasting in 1994, he has gained an international status since 2005. Turksat 2A 11973 Listeners seeing eye in frequency from 40 different regions of the city with the rest of the transmitter to be placed at the İçanadolu satellite in 56 countries, was hearing ear.
In the virtual world of the announced volume of www.ribatfm.com.t address to the world. He suffered almost every apartment was full of luke warm as it flows from the hearts Kawthar pool; sometimes the water was ice cold to burning heart …

Since its inception, it adds value to human life, Ribat cultural mission to support the concept of broadcasting and move to FM, which reaches with quality performances to the audience …

Fun and pleasure, showing that not only is stored in the music rhythm, which decrypts the building Look hearts of the audience, taking away the human real world another horizon to drag can Ribat FM, with a pleasant chat with the original program, living with meaning to the concept of radio is making the cultural ambassador to the world …

Radio Information:

Location: Konya, Turkey

Language: Turkish

Genres: Community, Music, Talk

Web Site: www.ribatfm.com

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Ribat FM
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