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Renegade Radio live broadcasting from UK.  Jungle Music Download, House Mixes, Old school, Hardcore Breaks, Pirate Radio Download are the things Renegade Radio is well-known for. Since back more than 50 years they are in the broadcasting business. Renegade Radio prides its self with always original ideas along with the vibes which are imitated by simply many listeners, but with over 50 years which is a long time experience in the radio world, they are also well known for their clubbing and trance music from popular musical persons.

Drum and bass subgenres include breakcore, ragga jungle, hardstep, darkstep, techstep, Neurofunk, ambient drum and bass, liquid funk, deep, drumfunk, funkstep, sambass dnbnoise and drill ‘n’ bass. From its roots in the UK, the style has established itself around the world. Drum and bass has influenced many other genres like hip hop, big beat, dubstep, house music, trip hop, ambient music,techno, rock and pop. Drum and bass is dominated by a small group of record labels. The major international music labels have shown very little interest in the drum and bass scene. Drum and Bass remains most popular in the UK, but has developed scenes all around the world, in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

Radio Information:

Location: UK

Language: English

Genres: Dubstep, Drum N Bass, Old School, Trance, House

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Renegade Radio
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