Discover undiscovered music from all over the world. Pop, Rock, Folk, Country, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, EDM, Classical Music, Soundtrack Music, Lounge Music, Jazz, and everything in-between. Skunk Radio Live has been created to cater to the needs of underground music lovers all over the world. Discover new artists in a new way through the online radio network which has its own record store, online TV streams and live music events arm. Undiscovered artists from all over the world are popping up on Skunk Radio Live everyday. What makes it special is that the music programming is not limited to mainstream genres like Pop, Rock and Hip Hop, but also includes other sub-genres, less popular genres and instrumental genres. Skunk Radio Live is an invaluable music discovery tool every underground music lover can’t do without.

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Location: London, UK

Language: English

Genres: Eclectic, Entertainment, London

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Drevo Coolidge (Mississippi, USA) - Hardaway Freestyle (DreMix)
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