Wcr 101.8fm

101.8 WCR FM Broadcasts day in and day out from the Heart of Wolverhampton on 101.8 FM. 101.8 WCR FM gives data and excitement to the City of Wolverhampton. As the authority Community Radio Station for Wolverhampton, WCRFM has the capacity to concentrate on giving one of a kind and individual TV stage in the City.
FM and Internet Radio Broadcasting and for those people who wish to follow a career in broadcasting, unique associations with other local stations enabling training and support in a real-world broadcasting environment. uk


It’s Wolverhampton’s very own 101.8 WCRfm, it’s your station for your city… and it’s here for you in so many different ways. WCRfm is FROM Wolverhampton, BY Wolverhampton and FOR Wolverhampton – and we happen to think those three things are really important.

Radio Information:

Location: Wolverhampton, UK

Language: English

Genres: Wolverhampton, Community

Web Site: www.wcrfm.com

WCR 101.8FM
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