ABC South East NSW



ABC South East NSW FM Radio Station:

Slogan “Voice of The Bush”
Publish Date November 1st 1996
City Cooma, New South Wales(NSW)
Type of Station Local Robio Station
Genres Country Music, Local News & Talk
On-Air Date November 1st 1996
Frequency 102.3 MHz
Format News/Talk/Country Music
Broadcasting Zone New South Wales South East Coast
Language English
Address with Website Link
Owners Name Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC South East NSW FM radio station is the local radio station for the city of Cooma, New South Wales. This station was published on November 1st and it was launched to serve the people of New South Wales South East Coast. The station slogan is “Voice of The Bush” and broadcasts News/Talk/Country Music of English language. The station is owned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The station is broadcasting on a 102.3 MHz frequency and covers an area of 62,000 sq km. This station provides various programs in the region such as news, sports, weather, entertainment, and music. The station also serves as a bridge between local programs and the rest of the world.

ABC South East NSW FM radio station is known as the voice of the bush and covers a wide variety of issues. This station reports on rural issues such as the drought, floods, fires, and challenges facing the environment and farmers. The station features several shows such as “Good Morning with Steve and Michelle” which is a morning show about news, sport, and entertainment. The station also covers local sports events and interviews with prominent people. The station has several RJs such as Steve, Michelle, and Laurie who represent the station on a daily basis. It also has several podcasts on its website which provides listeners with more insight on various topics.

ABC South East NSW FM radio station is an important part of the media landscape in New South Wales and provides listeners with local news, talk and music. This station is committed to providing accurate and up to date information on rural events, news, and sports. The station also offers its listeners great music and entertainment, and its website has all the latest news and updates for its listeners.